Extinction of dinosaurs

Akku: Mommy, Why aren’t there any more dinosaurs?

Well, about 65 million years ago, a huge rock from outer space called an asteroid smashed into the Earth, changing the climatic conditions so dramatically that dinosaurs could not survive.

Akku: Wow! How big was it? And where did it hit?

Oh dear, it was huge! It was about 10 miles in diameter and that asteroid’s name is ‘Chicxulub Impactor’. Scientists say it hit some where in Mexico.


Akku : WOW! That asteroid was really BIG!!  But it hit just Mexico,  how did it create such a big impact, that it wiped out all the dinosaurs???

Well baby, that giant asteroid landed with a huge  impact. The asteroid made lots of dust, dirt and rocks fly up into the air. All that dust and dirt covered around the planet and made the sky dark and covered the Sun. And many forest fires were caused too.

Akku : Then what happened?

All this dust led to a deadly chain of events. The dust blocked sun for a very long time. Without the Sun, all the plants died. Without the plants, all the plant-eaters died and without the plant-eaters, all the meat-eaters died.

Akku : That’s so sad. The asteroid made a HUGE difference in the world! And I really feel sorry for the dinosaurs. They also must have cared for their families, just like humans.

Yes true! But human race wouldn’t be there on earth today, if not for that asteroid.

Akku : What do you mean?

If not for the extinction of dinosaurs, mammals probably would’ve remained in the shadows, as they had been for over a hundred million years. Humans then, probably would’ve never been here.


Akku : That’s so interesting. What is the real meaning of the word extinct and why did just dinosaurs go extinct?

An animal is extinct when it doesn’t exist anymore anywhere in the world. It wasn’t just dinosaurs that went extinct. Among others that went extinct were: flying reptiles called pterosaurs, huge reptiles that swam in the ocean called plesiosaurs and pliosaurs, creatures with curled, spiral shells called ammonites, and lots of other plants and animals. But others survived. Different types of insects, lizards, crocodiles, mammals, birds, sharks, fish, crabs, snails, flowers, ferns and trees all made it through.













Akku : But without food and sunlight, how did they survive, Mom?

Scientists have many different theories on how other animals survived the extinction of dinosaurs. It could be because the animals were small and didn’t need much food. Maybe it was because they could eat crunchy seeds the dead plants left behind. Maybe it was because they could burrow into the ground to keep warm. And maybe some of those dry, crunchy seeds could grow into plants after they were buried for a long time.


Akku : Cool. But I wish still I could see dinosaurs.

Don’t worry baby. If you like to learn more about dinosaurs we could go to museums, and look at the intact skeletons and fossils. You can always read about them in books and watch them in movies and documentaries.


Akku : Thanks for the explanation Mama! I still have more questions, but I’ll ask you those later. Well then, see you later!

Ok baby! I am always here to help you.

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